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      Youth Driver Awareness Program


U-Turn the Wheel
is a series of road safety and awareness workshops aimed at those young beginnin g and  developing drivers in each district, locally, nationally, and internationally and run by the local Rotary Clubs within each district. 
In conjunction with the local RSO (Road Safety Officer), schools, police, and emergency services, as well as Road Safety Professionals and volunteers, the workshops accommodate every year 11 student who wish to participate through the local school systems. The workshops are provided at "NO COST" to the participant.

This one-day program is designed to reinforce the Road Safety curricula already being implemented i n schools and provide an opportunity for Year 11 students to access  additional road safety resources not easily available within the school. The U-Turn the Wheel program is designed to specifically address the ATTITUDES & AWARENESS of driver related issues such as speed, fatigue, alcohol, drugs and the wearing of seat belts; each which have been identified as major contributors to road casualties among our young drivers.This program also addresses the issues of risk taking behaviour, peer pressure and responsible decision making in the areas of insurance and purchasing of a vehicle.

  • To encourage community ownership of road safety issues
  • To provide participants with sound, practical road safety information
  • To demonstrate community support for young drivers and road users
  • To increase knowledge of consequences of motor vehicle accidents among youth
  • To raise awareness of the knowledge and attitudes required for safe and responsible driving
  • To improve awareness among young drivers of realistic perceptions of the risks associated with being a driver/passenger of a motor vehicle
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of the effects of alcohol and drugs, fatigue, and speeding on driving and the impact in terms of health, financial, and social costs
  • To improve community and parental understanding of the issues affecting young drivers
  • To enhance the delivery of road safety education within our school system through the provision of experiential learning opportunities not normally available because of associated costs
  • To raise the profile of road safety issues and encourage understanding of road safety being a community responsibility


The Rotary Club of Moss Vale

District 9710

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